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Add safety, security and style to your Perth home with a quality, custom-made driveway gate from Elite Gates. Complete the look with coordinating fencing and pedestrian gates.

Looking for quality driveway gates and screens in Perth? Elite Gates have the answer.

With more than three decades’ experience manufacturing and installing residential and commercial gates and screens, Elite Gates are Perth’s best – consistently delivering exceptional, locally made products across WA.

Elite Gates offer customised, bespoke driveway gates and screens across Perth. As every site is different, each of our driveway gates and screens is meticulously manufactured and installed at our local factory to ensure the perfect fit for your home or commercial site. At Elite Gates, one size does not fit all – every client receives a personalised, customised gate or screen.

Every site in Perth has its own requirements. Each has its challenges, from sloping driveways to irregular levels and tight access that requires careful measuring and design. Some are suited to sliding gates while others will require hinged gates. Our experienced consultant will meet you on site and discuss the options for your security. Once we understand your requirements, we will measure and design your gate and give a prompt quotation for the cost of your job. Elite Gates offer a great range of elegant styles to suit any home or commercial site and provide a complete service from start to finish.

We manufacture gates and screens in both steel and aluminium, however unless otherwise requested, Elite Gates are made using construction-grade aluminium. After manufacture these are then powdercoated in a range of 100 designer colours which not only look fantastic but don’t peel or rust and are durable in even the harshest West Australian weather conditions.

We stand by our reputation and our processes and guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your gate. We back this with a 2-year warranty against defects.

  • Sliding or Swing Driveway gates
  • Automatic or Manual
  • Security, Decorative or both
Locally Made

Sliding Gates

When looking to secure the perimeter of your property, an Elite Sliding Gate is a wonderful addition to any home. Sliding gates are suited to wide openings where the gate becomes an extension of the fence line and can be made in almost any style. The biggest advantage of a sliding gate is that it opens behind the front boundary and therefore does not limit the space within the property. In situations where there is no room for a separate gate we can offer the option of a pedestrian gate built into the slider. 

Sloping ground is no issue, as we can fabricate the gate with a sloping bottom rail to allow for the slope. Elite Gates have a great range of standard styles or we can work with you to create a one off design just for you. Our consultant will meet you on site and discuss all the options. They will then measure the site, design the gate and then prepare a quotation for you. We look after all the works from preparation for the track, installation of the gate, fitting of the electric motor and clean up after. 

We are sensitive to the fact that a sliding gate must be both functional and attractive and are proud to supply what we consider to be the best gates on the market. And the wonderful thing is we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your new gate. 

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Slat gates and screens

Slat gates are one of the most popular products featured around Perth. Made from construction grade aluminum and powdercoated almost any colour, Elite Gates wont warp, peel or rust and are extremely durable in even the most extreme locations. Aluminium slats comes in a range of widths and colours offering a great choices for the homeowner. There is a superb range of realistic woodgrain colours or you may choose a powdercoated colour to compliment your home. One of the main benefits you will achieve is that by adding a new slat gate to your home it will instantly improve your street appeal while providing privacy and security.

A unique feature of using slats is that you can choose the spacing between the slats to suit your preference. Larger gaps to offer an open look or closer together for more privacy. Some councils prefer new fencing and gates to be visually permeableand specify a defined minimum gap between the slats. However with established properties owners who are upgrading their front boundaries there is little interference with the owners selection.

Slatsgates can be used in both driveway and pedestrian openings with matching screen panels between pillars or with posts. With the addition of swing or sliding automation your new slat gate will compliment your home and lifestyle.

Each Elite gate is custom designed and manufactured here in Perth ensuring a perfect fitting gate that is 100% guaranteed and backed up witha 2 year warranty.

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Vertical slats or Pickets

A wonderful feature of using slats is that they can be set within a gate vertically as opposed to the conventional horizontal setting. This Classic picket style has become hugely popular since we launched it 8 years ago and it has a timeless look that suits old homes as well as new.

By adding a cast aluminium top we can turn the vertical slat into a picket. The traditional whitepicket fence that was popular for homes in the 40’s and 50’s has been re-invented and making a comeback. Gone are the days of wooden pickets that would fade and deteriorate in the weather. The new style picket gates are fully manufactured in aluminum and wont peel, rust or warp so will look great indefinitely. The fabricated gates and panels can be powdercoated in a range of colours to compliment any home decor.

Picket gates can be used in both driveway and pedestrian openings and every gate we design can be manufactured to any size opening. With the addition of swing or sliding automation your new Picket gate will compliment your home and lifestyle.

Each Elite gate is custom designed and manufactured here in Perth ensuring a perfect fitting gate that is 100% guaranteed and backed up witha 2 year warranty.

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Elite Gates
Elite Gates

Hamptons style

Hamptons gates are a reinvention of the classical style that will remain timeless. While traditionally matched to federation and colonial style homes, Hampton gates also look fantastic with most modern homes.This is another variation on the use of a vertical slat fitted into a gate frame with an additional upper rail. The spacing of the vertical slats is decided by the owner which offers a great choice for privacy and security. Your new Hamptons style gate is manufactured from premium aluminum that wont rust, peel or warp and is available in a huge range of colours.

Hamptons gates can be used in both driveway and pedestrian openings and we can make a matching style as a screen panel between pillars. With the addition of swing or sliding automation your new gate will compliment your home and lifestyle.

Each Elite gate is custom designed and manufactured here in Perth ensuring a perfect fitting gate that is 100% guaranteed and backed up witha 2 year warranty.

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Blade style

With its architectural look and striking design, a new blade gate and fence will be a welcome addition to any home. This style can be another variation on the use of slats where the edge of the vertical is fixed to the horizontal rail of the gate or fence panel. The vertical blades can be made using aluminium flat bars or the tubular slat materials depending on the personal preference of each client. A wonderful feature is that the client can choose the spacing between the vertical blades and they can be powdercoated in a colour to suit every home. Viewed from the side this style offers almost no vision into the property, so offers a visual sense of security while also improving the privacy of your home.

Blade gates can be used in both driveway and pedestrian access spaces and it can also be used for screen panels between pillars. The complete range of colors is available and with the addition of swing or sliding automation your new blade gate will compliment your home and lifestyle.

Each Elite gate is custom designed and manufactured here in Perth ensuring a perfect fitting gate that is 100% guaranteed and backed up witha 2 year warranty.

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Elite Gates

Swing Gates

Elite Gates are Perth’s experts in driveway gates. There are situations where the most practical solution to securing your home is a pair of double gates. Where the driveway is narrow and space is limited we can make one larger swing gate.

Every site is different and needs to be assessed properly to ensure you get the best outcome. Sloping driveways are always a challenge but almost every problem has a solution. We can slope the bottom rail of the gate to allow for a slope or use a special rising hinge to enable the gate to open. Our consultant can meet you on site and discuss the options with you.

The engineering of swing gates is very important and Elite Gates have the experience and the expertise to make the very best gates on the market. When a swing gate is designed and made correctly it will operate perfectly far into the future. An auto gate needs to include heavy duty framing, hinges and posts. We have a great range of standard designs or we can work with you to make your own special design. 

A well-made driveway gate will enhance the look of your home while providing the level of security you are seeking.

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Quality Workmanship Guarantee

Elite Gates are committed to designing and installing world-class quality gates that look superb and will stand the test of time. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your gate and back this up with a 2-year warranty.


At Elite Gates, we know that most people would prefer to operate their driveway gate from the comfort of their car. We have the technology to offer the correct sized motor to match the gate size, providing with a reliable gate that opens perfectly every time. All our motors are whisper quiet which is an important feature for residents in apartment blocks and suburban areas. All driveway gates come with a built-in back-up battery to enable continued operation during power failures.

Access control

Elite Gates have formed an alliance with electronics company Commlink. This enables us to offer a range of technical features including Intercoms, proximity card access, video surveillance and remote opening.

We have all the safety features covered for every situation.

For 35 years, under the astute stewardship of the company’s founder Kevin Gray, Elite Gates have earned themselves an outstanding reputation as the premier suppliers of all types of automatic, electric sliding and manual gates in Perth.

The continued rise of Elite Gates is founded on a philosophy of providing an outstanding product matched with a highly personalised service at a realistic and affordable price. It is possible to find cheaper options, but at Elite Gates we have learned that compromising on the quality of components or shortcutting on manufacturing, is a false economy that rarely satisfies the customer.

Gates on a property offer two main functions – providing a level of security appropriate to your needs and an aesthetic value that can enhance the look of your home. Ideally the right gate will fulfil both needs for you but identifying the gate for the role may need a specialist point of view – and that is where we come in! Our specialists will visit the site where you desire a gate to be fitted, and after consulting with you regarding your expectations will survey the site before offering you the best options. Once you have made your choice a more detailed measuring of the site will be completed so that a final price quote can be presented to you.

Our on-site experts will take into account factors that you may have concerns over, such as uneven land or slopes – there are virtually no circumstances that can prevent us installing the gate that you need. And of course, all of our gates are made to measure, specifically to your circumstances, so that you can be sure of a perfect fit. Should you choose a sliding gate but require a pedestrian gate to be incorporated into the design, we can take care of that – and likewise should you require extra fencing to extend beyond the gate, we are more than happy to oblige. Whatever style of gate you choose, Hamptons, blade or aluminium slat gate, you know that you will be getting the best available in Perth.

Furthermore, our gates are constructed locally by skilled tradesmen and unless a request for construction from steel is made by the customer, we use powder coated aluminium which offers a great strength to weight ratio, and with just a little routine cleaning offers extreme durability and resistance to the harsh climate here in Western Australia. With a choice of over 100 powder coat colours and a 2-year warranty against defects you can have the perfect gate – and peace of mind too!

At Elite Gates we provide 100% customer satisfaction every time – we accept nothing less than perfection in all stages of the process of manufacture, supply and fitting of your new gate. Whatever gate you require, we can provide – automatic driveway or manual, swing or slide, decorative or plainly functional, anywhere in and around Perth – it’s just up to you to decide – we take care of the rest.

Whether you are looking for a purely decorative addition to your home or are seeking a higher level of security and privacy from neighbours and passers-by, Elite Gates will be able to provide what you need. With 35 years unparalleled service of manufacturing and supplying all manner and styles of driveway gates across Perth, Elite Gates are rightly considered the market leaders in WA.

With each gate being individually crafted exactly to your requirements, regardless of size and awkward terrain, your new gate will be customised to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and offer you the level of privacy that you require. With an almost unlimited range of styles and colours to select from, including blade gates, aluminium slat gates and Hampton gates, operating as swing gates or electric sliding gates, Elite Gates offer the most comprehensive selection of gates in Perth.

Furthermore, all of our gates are locally made by highly skilled and experienced tradesmen to such a high standard that we have no worries about providing a 2-year warranty on every gate that we supply. And the powder coating finish that we utilise is extremely weather resistant meaning that the colour you choose for your gate will look just as good years down the line as it does the day it is installed.

Whenever you are looking to install a new gate or maybe upgrade to a new automatic driveway gate anywhere in Perth, let Elite Gates come to your service, with an assurance of perfect customer service and professionalism at all times.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you!

At Elite Gates, we have been supplying all style of residential gates across Perth and WA for more than 30 years, and in that time our eye for detail and outstanding service has led to our business becoming well known and highly respected within the region. 

The function of any gate is to afford a degree of privacy and security, but a bespoke, tailor-made gate can also add style, elegance and value to your property. From automatic driveway gates in Perth to custom sliding gates in Perth, we can supply and install the perfect gate for you.

You not only have the choice of style of gate, such as the cost effective and easy to install slat or blade gates for your Perth property or perhaps you would like an automatic swing gate for your Perth home? With choice of one hundred colours with which to powder coat your gate, the options are endless and your vision can become reality.

No matter the size or style of gate that you need – or any perceived difficulties with the terrain, our expert team will be able to create a precision-made gate that will be both extremely functional for years but will also add to the aesthetics of your property or home.

All of our gates, including electric gates are made in the Perth locality and we can guarantee that you will be delighted with the level of craftmanship and care that is evident in all the gates that we supply.

You can trust Elite Gates to deliver on promises.

Peace of Mind

Driveway gates are not an off-the -shelf product. Each must be sensitive to the site and must be individually designed to be functional, attractive and well made. With 35 years experience in making gates you can be sure that we have the expertise to provide you with an outstanding product. We stand by our quality and guarantee an excellent job at excellent prices.

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Why Choose Us

When you choose Elite Gates to manufacture and install your gate, you can be confident that what you want is what you will get. Elite Gates are all site measured and locally manufactured in Perth to ensure a perfect fit. They come with a guarantee of quality, backed up with a 2-year warranty.

  • 33+ Years of experience

  • Each Gate is custom designed

  • Professionally Installed

  • Quality workmanship Guarantee


All our pricing is based on a quality product with quality fittings. Can it be done cheaper? Some companies compromise quality by using cheaper fittings, lighter gauge materials and inferior welding methods. During our many years of fabrication we have tried them all and settled on what we consider to be an excellent quality without being overly extravagant. It costs very little extra to do the job properly and get yourself an attractive gate with many years of reliable operation.

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Elite Gates offer a personal, customised service across Perth. Please call 0407 991 599, and a consultant will arrange a time to visit your site.

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