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Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates

Elite Gates are specialists in manufacturing and installing attractive, quality sliding gates across Perth. The biggest advantage of a sliding gate is that it opens behind the front boundary and therefore does not limit the space within the property.

Sloping ground presents no issue, as  Elite Gates can fabricate the gate with a sloping bottom rail to allow for the slope. We will assess each site and manufacture a gate to best suit the opening. In general, most of our sliding gate frames are similar in fabrication with varying styles and designs added as the gate is made.

Larger gates will require an engineering upgrade, but generally, this is not visually obvious; thicker wall materials or larger framing and sometimes vertical bracing. In situations where there is no space for a personnel gate, we can offer the option of a pedestrian gate built into the slider. The options are endless. When you purchase an Elite Driveway Gate you can be sure it will not only enhance the look of your home but will function perfectly every time.

Each sliding gate needs a track to guide it during operation. Depending on the driveway, we may be able to bolt the track directly to the paving. Otherwise we will need to lift the paving to dig a trench and set the track into a concrete strip footing. We can assess this with a site visit and give a quotation while there. We offer a total service so will not only set the track and install the gate, but we can arrange to remove all rubbish and repair paving.

We are sensitive to the fact that a sliding gate must be both functional and attractive and are proud to supply what we consider to be the best gates in Perth. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your new sliding gate.

Sliding Gates


Sliding Gates


Sliding Gates





Sliding Gates


Sliding Gates


Sliding Gates

Double Slider


All our pricing is based on a quality product with quality fittings. Can it be done cheaper? Some companies compromise quality by using cheaper fittings, lighter gauge materials and inferior welding methods. During our many years of fabrication we have tried them all and settled on what we consider to be an excellent quality without being overly extravagant. It costs very little extra to do the job properly and get yourself many years of reliable operation.

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