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Swing Gates

There are situations where the most practical solution to securing your home is a swing gate. Sloping driveways are always a challenge but almost every problem has a solution. We can slope the bottom rail of the gate to allow for a side slope. If the driveway slopes towards the rear we can use a special rising hinge to enable the gate to open. Where the driveway is narrow and space is limited we can make one larger swing gate. An advantage of a single gate is that it requires only one motor if this gate is to be automated. The engineering of swing gates is very important. Firstly the post must be sufficiently strong to support the gate without flexing.

There must be heavy duty ball bearing hinges fully welded to a suitably thick frame to withstand the stresses of a heavy gate with a motor pulling the gate open and closed. Larger gates are inclined to droop without some form of bracing. Either a corner brace at the hinge or a diagonal brace that supports the gate in much the same way as a roof truss is constructed. With the correct bracing we can manufacture almost any size gate without the need for a support wheel.

A well-made driveway gate will enhance the look of your home while providing the level of security you are seeking.








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All our pricing is based on a quality product with quality fittings. Can it be done cheaper? Some companies compromise quality by using cheaper fittings, lighter gauge materials and inferior welding methods. During our many years of fabrication we have tried them all and settled on what we consider to be an excellent quality without being overly extravagant. It costs very little extra to do the job properly and get yourself many years of reliable operation.

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