A lot of people think that regular Iron Gate is just as good as vertical slat gate when it comes to home security. However, this isn’t always the case. There are certain ways in which slat gates are superior to iron ones, and these are the top five reasons why vertical slat gates tend to be more popular than iron ones in Perth households today

Ease of Installation– One of vertical slat gates biggest benefits is its ease of installation. Unlike other gate types, you don’t need any special equipment or knowledge—just follow our detailed instructions and you’ll be able to install your new fence gate with ease. Using components that are suitable for all styles of fence, a vertical slat gate can be installed on an existing fence within minutes!

Strong and Secure– Compared to conventional gates, slat gates offer superior security since they are harder for intruders to climb over. Even if they could manage it, slats are spaced too closely together for anyone but a child or pet to slip through. At best, an intruder would be inconvenienced as he tried—and failed—to force his way through each gap. At worst, his hands would be injured and he’d give up before being able to enter your property undetected.

Vertical Slat Gate is made of construction grade aluminum and powder coated not only offers great durability but versatile to offer different exterior look for the house.

Style and Resale Value– Many homeowners are discovering that by installing a vertical slat gate, they can add style and value to their home. Slat gates are available in many different styles, including those with ornate ironwork that look like they could’ve been part of your house from day one. Meanwhile, slats can also be painted to match your walls if you decide you want to change things up down the road.

Cost Effective Solutions– When it comes to fencing, homeowners have many options. The most popular type of fence for homes and gardens is wooden, thanks to its charm and versatility. If you need any help related to slat fencing Perth, please contact us! When it comes to security, however, wood gates can be easily broken through. For those worried about intruders breaking into their home, slat gates are a cost-effective alternative that provide superior protection at an affordable price.

Easy Maintenance– The most obvious advantage of installing slat gates is that they require less maintenance than other types of gates. This means you don’t have to worry about painting them or replacing them as often. While some fences do require more upkeep than others, vertical slats are sturdy and low-maintenance by nature, so they won’t require much effort on your part—and that means you can spend more time enjoying your property.

Great Colour Options– Slat gates are popular not only because they’re highly effective for blocking off areas that need security, but also because of their range of colour options. With choices including white, grey and black, you can add these vertical slats to any kind of entrance or gate and easily personalize it. They’re easy to install and look stunning, no matter where you put them.

If you live in Perth, chances are you’ve noticed that slat gates in Perth are becoming more and more popular, especially among young homeowners. If you haven’t considered these gates yet, now may be the perfect time to start thinking about them! Vertical slat gates have several advantages over other types of gates, including wood and metal gates.  If you need help in Perth for gates and fencing, please reach to our experts!